Motorists wait at a drive-through centre for COVID-19 at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: The Bahraini parliament has approved a proposal exempting citizens from fees of a test detecting the new coronavirus.

The Council of Representatives approved the urgent motion, exempting citizens from paying fees of the virus-detecting test on departing and arriving at all travel outlets of the kingdom and referred it to the government, Al Watan newspaper reported without further details.

It was not immediately clear when the exemption measure will take effect.

Passengers coming to Bahrain have to undergo the PCR test for detecting the coronavirus at their own expense on arrival and 10 days later. The test costs 60 Bahraini dinars.

Earlier this week, the Bahrain International Airport announced exempting children under the age of six from undergoing the COVID-19 test upon their arrival at the facility.