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How scared are you of your spouse’s anger? Definitely not as much as this cop in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, who needed to apply for leave from work to attend his brother-in-law's wedding.

Addressing his letter to the Deputy Inspector General of Police in Bhopal, constable Dilip Kumar Ahirwar urged his superior to grant the leave, otherwise he risked facing the wrath of his wife.

In a letter dated December 7, applying for a five-day leave, the constable wrote in Hindi: “The wife of the applicant has made it clear that if he (the applicant) doesn’t attend the wedding of her brother, there will be regrettable consequences.”

Sympathising with the cop, tweep @adeshgoyal26 posted in Hindi: “The poor man suffers at home and at work, this is life.”

Though the unusual leave application amused netizens, it earned the cop disciplinary action from his superiors.

According to Upendra Jain, the Additional Director General of Police for Bhopal range, the constable who worked in the traffic department was moved to another department.

“He has been moved to the police line as his behaviour was uncalled for. Firstly, he made such an application, which is not the most appropriate way, and then he got it circulated in the media circles,” Jain told an Indian news media channel.

Tweep @Lavish23259657 could not understand why the cop had been punished. He tweeted: “For what reason are they taking action against him? He has just requested for a leave? I am not getting it.”

Another senior official clarified that this wasn’t the first time the constable had come up with unique and creative reasons to seek leaves. He said: “In the last 11 months, he has taken 55 days off.”